Home Remedy for Piles Problem

If you are looking for information on home remedy for piles problem, you may be very disappointed with your treatment options. If you were hoping, that your doctor would be able to send you home with reassuring prescriptions, or could advise on a simpler surgical procedure. You may well know, by now, that, this is not the case.


Over the counter creams, medications and gels can only provide temporary relief from hemorrhoids symptoms. But quite honestly, it is possible to achieve similar levels of relief. And that too, only by using simple natural remedies that are a fraction of the cost. Sadly, although the surgery may remove individual hemorrhoids, the root cause is still there. The piles will recur until you do something about what causes them at first.

Okay, so you want to know home remedy for piles problem. For many people, it is a painful and embarrassing condition, and can be difficult to get rid of. Inside the anal canal, the lining consists of three soft and spongy pads of tissue that act as seals to keep the anus closed until the bowel is released.

This is because the lining of the intestines is extremely thin, allowing stool to move easily. Spongy pads in the anal canal prevent intestinal malfunction.

Piles occur when one of these pads of tissue slides slightly downward. Once this happens, the blood vessels fill with blood and swell.


Main symptoms of piles

  1. Pain and discomfort
  2. Itching and burning
  3. Soaking of underwear with mud or feces (‘skid marks’).
  4. A lump that may be tender is bleeding

Home remedy for piles

The main treatment of piles problem are:

  • Banding – A rubber band is wrapped along the base of the pile. This stops the blood supply and eventually leads to death.
  • Phenol Injection – This process is not as effective as banding, and is not used as much these days.
  • Cryosurgery – Freezing of the pile to kill it. The bad side effect of this process is a water discharge.
  • Infrared Coagulation – This is where infrared light is used to kill the pile. Not as effective as other methods.
  • Surgery – There are many different surgical options. The common method is simply to cut the spongy pads that form the stack. The pain lasts for about 7 to 10 days after the operation. However, there is now a new process called “stapling”. In this, a 2 cm section of the rectum layer is cut and joined together with a special type of stapler to cut the cut edges. Recovery from such operation is quicker than the traditional form surgery.


Other things you can do

  1. Gently wash the anal area with saline warm water. This helps to get rid of any irritable mucus that may be leaking. Dry carefully with a piece of cotton and apply some petroleum jelly to soften and protect the skin.
  2. Use a softer type of toilet tissue, and tap gently instead of wiping.
  3. Avoid wearing tight underwear and clothes.
  4. Avoid scratches.
  5. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and high fiber grains, as this will help prevent constipation, a common cause of hemorrhoids.
  6. drink plenty of water.
  7. Do not stress during bowel movements


If a person is overweight, it can be the cause of hemorrhoids. In such cases, a regular exercise routine will help reduce the suffering of hemorrhoids by weight loss. If you smoke or drink regularly, quitting these habits will help keep hemorrhoids away.

It is important to note that you can reduce the risk of piles and hemorrhoids pain in the first place. That is by eating a diet with lots of fiber and fluids, especially water.

Using a combo of home remedies, dietary restrictions, a regular exercise routine and habits that exacerbate the condition can help relieve hemorrhoids permanently through the process of treatment and prevention.

Natural methods of getting rid of hemorrhoids are especially important for those who are looking for an effective and inexpensive way to eliminate such discomfort.

All these actions will help you get rid of hemorrhoids or at least reduce their effects. There has been a lot of research on this problem as surprisingly most have hemorrhoids, although some of us, fortunately, are unaware of them. Medical practitioners see patients most of the day asking for help to get rid of hemorrhoids, and it is far more common for doctors to look for alternatives to hemorrhoids surgery or other invasive treatments.

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