Home Remedies For Dark Underarms – Best 8

In the following article, we aim at providing you with the home remedies for dark underarms. Dark underarms can be embarrassing. It can cause body odour, irritation and itching.


There are many factors that can cause dark underarms. Major causes of dark underarms are excessive use of hair removal creams, sweating, shaving, alcohol-based deodorant or perfumes, and excessive weight gain. Obesity and some medicines also cause dark underarms.

If you have dark underarms, you do not have to worry because some underarm whitening treatments are achievable which are effective.

These 8 home remedies for dark underarms have proved to be effective.

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Baking soda

It is an excellent remedy because it is a natural exfoliant and can help clear dead skin cells. You will need 2 to 3 tablespoons of water, rose water and baking soda. Mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda with a few drops of water and make a thick paste to get rid of the dark armpits.

Apply it on the underarms and gently rub it in a circular pattern as it is effective in getting rid of the dark underarms. Continue to do this at least four times a week and the colour of your underarms is getting lighter.


Cucumber and lemon

Lemon functions flawlessly when it gets to discarding dark areas. Both cucumber and lemon are known to have underarm whitening properties. The cucumber bleaching properties can help you get rid of dark underarms while lemon can lighten your skin tone. Mix the cucumber juice with lemon juice and apply the mixture.

Lemon juice or cucumber with a pinch of turmeric gets rid of dark underarms.

You can use chopped cucumbers in round pieces to rub your underarms for a few minutes every day.

This is considered one of the best home remedies for dark underarms.


Home Remedies For Dark Underarms | Dark Underarms | The RR World

Curd and Gram Flour

If you have deep armpits, curd and gram paste is an excellent underarm whitening option. To get rid of the dark armpit, mix 2 teaspoons gram flour in 1 teaspoon lemon juice.

Apply the paste to your underarm for half an hour before bathing. Use cold water to wash and pat the paste. Quick results of this underarm whitening remedy can be obtained using each alternate day.

Honey and Milk

Milk contains vitamins and acids which are excellent in lightening the skin. Add milk and 1 tbsp honey and add a little turmeric powder or lemon juice to your mixture.

Apply it on dark armpits to get rid of dark underarms. You can make a paste of milk, gram flour and honey and apply it. Allow the paste to dry for some time and then wash it with cold water before drying it with your towel.


Coconut oil

It is an excellent underarm whitening agent because it contains vitamin E. Massaging your underarms with coconut oil between 10 and 15 minutes before taking a shower every day is a great solution.

Massage this oil in a circular motion and then wash it using mild soap and lukewarm water to make the grid of dark underarms easier.


Potatoes are natural bleaching agents, as they have mild acidic properties and are very useful in getting rid of dark underarms. Use thin slices of potato to rub your underarms for about five to ten minutes and then get rid of the dark armpits using lukewarm water.

You can also use potato juice or cotton balls to rub your underarms. Wait 10 minutes before washing it. Use the remedy twice a day.

Home Remedies For Dark Underarms | Dark Underarms | The RR World

An Orange Peel

Orange peel can be used as an underarm whitening remedy. Since orange peel is citrus like lemon, it has bleaching properties that make it a good natural remedy. Make a scrub of orange peel just by grinding the peel to make powder and then mix it with milk and rose water to make a thick paste.

Scrub this paste gently on your armpits for ten minutes and then use cold water to close the paste. This scrub will bleach your skin and get rid of dark underarms, which will keep your skin fresh.


Vinegar is one of the excellent natural remedies to help get rid of dark underarms. It also helps a lot in removing bacteria and germs, which thrive on your dead skin and also lightens the skin. Make it thick by adding vinegar and rice flour.

Apply the paste to your underarm while bathing with lukewarm water. After leaving it on your skin for about fifteen minutes, wash this paste with lukewarm water. This underarm whitening remedy will give a good aroma to your underarm and will be smooth.

Hope you will find these home remedies for dark underarms helpful. Comment below your queries and suggestions.

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