Nail Biting: 3 Ways to Keep You From Biting Your Nails

Biting your nails is not only painful and inconvenient but nail biting it is also a very poor habit. Most people who bite their nails do not even notice until the nails are raw and their cuticles look and feel messy. But as with other habits, there are procedures to regulate yourself and can learn to keep your nails safe.

Keep your nails short

If you are biting nails, long nails are indisputable until you leave this particular habit. You better keep them short and clean. But short also does not imply “super short”. Give a little love to your nails and borrow a nail file to avoid hard edges and make them look neat.

Use anti-bite commodities

There are times when you do not even notice that you are biting your nails. Maybe you are distracted or stressed, and before you know it you have bitten your fingernails. There are commodities that are specifically designed to prevent you from nail-biting. And we are not talking about gloves here!

They look and feel identical to transparent nail polish, and are usually applied to your nails every two days. Many have ingredients that strengthen and thicken nails to enable them to look better. But that’s why they don’t work.

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They work by tasting disgusting. Bitter and absolutely disgusting. There is no way you can ignore it. And it makes it much less satisfying to have your nails absent from the mind.

Give yourself a home manicure instead of nail biting

If every time you look at your fingernails you see a salon-worthy manicure, you will think twice before dealing with them and destroy all your hard work. It also does not need to be colourful and attention-grabbing! A nude manicure or french tips look almost like your nails but decent, and both styles are 100% similar to the most conservative work environments.

If you are not convinced about regular nail polish, consider getting a set of gel or acrylic nails in a salon instead. Acrylic and gel are very strong nail very hard to bite. The only problem you can discover is that you may end up replacing biting your nails with picking at your acrylics and scraping them off your nails. This is not a good thing, and can entirely damage your nail.

If you are biting your nails due to stress or nervousness then the best way to stop nail biting is by eliminating those stress components. However, it is easier said than done! Meanwhile, the strategies in this article should help control the habit and reduce the nail or even eliminate it entirely.

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  1. Hello RR World,
    My sister has this habit she is only one in the family having nail-biting habits. we always remind her not to bite nails. she always does biting nails unintentionally whenever she is ideal or watching TV. thanks for this article I will share with her thank you

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