Allergy ,It’s Precautions and Remedies

Before talking about remedies for allergy it is important to understand allergy first.

It is still common among various physicians today to close anything that they cannot successfully diagnose by terming it as “allergy”. The reason for this is that, so little is known about allergies that the diagnosis leaves abundant room for discussion and clarification.


“Uncertain” diagnoses have always been favored by less responsible physicians. Two hundred years ago, a condition that could not be diagnosed was called “bad hormones” and anyone who experienced anything from stomach ache to cancer or gallstones was told that their hormones are the reason. This was followed by the “acid” theory, where strange and mysterious acids were liable for all unchanged circumstances.

This is not to say that allergies are not present. There is certainly a strange group of body reactions, given the title, Allergy. To be precise, there are two groups: those localized on the surface of the body, from the face to the feet, or skin allergies; And those inhabiting the chest, throat, and nasal areas, or respiratory allergies. These two groups include the most allergic outcomes.


Causes of Allergy

The respiratory group will have common conditions such as hay fever, asthma, sinusitis, etc. These conditions are consolidated in the respiratory system, but some (especially fever and sinus conditions) spread to other areas, for example. Eyes, which may carry water, red and puff under serious attack. There is good reason to believe that these particular allergies are related to vitamin C deficiency. Low-capacity (natural) vitamin C pills have been shown to be useful in treating allergies, such as the B complex.

Skin allergies, hives and nettle rashes, for example, are in some degree related to an over-acid state of the body. This is not to be confused with the “mysterious acids” of a hundred years ago, which were conveniently guilty of most diseases. The acids that I talk about are produced within the body and are consumed daily in the daily diet. Rational diet along with its balanced intake and realistic form, will not help a hyper-acid condition. To setback this condition when it is already present in the body, it is essential to clean the system entirely.

Pills for allergy

 Allergy ,It's Precautions and Remedies | Pills For Allergy | The RR World

Herbal Laxative Pills (1-2 days for three days); Mild enema (one day for a week) and a return to nature diet will completely supply the broom that demands a hyper-acid condition. The recommendation included daily natural baths with special emphasis on the affected area. The pressure (douche) bath on the affected area and a mild (not too sharp) rub after the bath, were effective. A few drops of olive oil were applied where the skin was particularly dry.


Skin-allergic patients were advised to soften the water used for bathing with a cup of starch. Bicarbonate of soda should never be used to soften water for sensitive skin, as it is alkali and will have drying and devastating effects in time.

Dry skin should not be bathed frequently or for a long time. Bathing should take place in quick cases and olive oil can help to overcome the loss of skin oil. Air baths should be taken repeatedly as an alternative to daily water bathing, which you may remember.

It’s said to take some precautions so that you need not to consult a doctor. However if the case is serious you should consult a doctor.

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